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About Us

Shenzhen Fanyi Technology Co.,Ltd established in 2013, based on Silicon Valley technology in the United States, dedicated to high cost-      effective PCB product services: providing circuit board design services, circuit board design education consulting, high-end PCB rapid proofing, small and medium-sized batch PCB production and manufacturing services, since its inception, Fany has always adhered to technology as a guide, the pursuit of excellence in quality and customer support. Continue to be satisfied with the business philosophy, and provide high quality services for innovation in China's information and electronics industry.
FanyPCB specialize in 2-60Layers PCB prototype fabrication and small-volume production, using advanced production technology and high quality raw materials, strict standardization of operating standards and QC standards for incoming and outgoing materials, to ensure that our products meet the quality of precision, and strive to provide customers with better quality, faster, more cost-effective PCB products.




FanyPCB offers prototyping and production services for PCB manufacture.We promise professinal PCB fabrication with low cost, fast lead time and 100% quality guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service or product,we will do our best to meet your requirements.


Best Designing= Quality + Cost Control+Convenience


●Engineers have more than 8 years rich experience.

●Chip company's preliminary cooperation, forward-looking technology accumulation.

●Perfect training system and strong communication atmosphere.

●US Silicon Valley partners, cutting-edge technology synchronization.

●High standard of confidentiality measures, company documents must be fully approved for export.

●Annual more than 600 Debug projects and consulting experience.

●More than 100 technical trainings per year.

●Altium designer crash book" became the industry's recognized red book.

●Shenzhen Electronic Enterprise Best Partner in 2017.


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Our Team

Fany has a design, r&d and manufacturing team composed of highly educated and high-quality talents. As a team with senior experience in PCB, we have witnessed the rapid development of PCB industry, accumulated rich experience in r&d and manufacturing operations, and formed a scientific management system.The team members are young and full of vitality, innovative and brave to meet challenges.



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